Fresh Air Sex


12 thoughts on “Fresh Air Sex

  1. That opening shot where she is penetrated when lying on her belly is awesome!! To slide your hard cock in her pussy like that must be soooo satisfying! Every now and then Im coming back to view this vid and Im coming each time!! Wish i could slide my boner in her wet cave…

    1. I just showed this to my wife and she is now eager to try this belly position! Pity we have to wait till tonight to try it out…

  2. Man! She is so super hot! I wish she would ride me like that! Or let me fuck her from behind! Every time i see this video i fantasize i fill her up and come deep inside!!

  3. You guys I hate you so much for this. You better come to Jesus and get an eternal life, coz with this you know where you will end up.

    1. ST: Because of electing the treasonous, adulterous, tyrannical, despotic wannabe dictator, the religious types have brought hell here.

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